The kitchen is open:

17:00 to 23:30 sundays to thursdays
17:00 to 01:00 fridays and saturdays


De la tierra - Tapas from the land

19. Foie gras de Canard with grilled bread & caramelized onions 3.990 kr.

20. Grilled chicken wings Piri Piri 1.990 kr.

21. Chicken in chili crumbs with blue-cheese sauce 1.990 kr.

22. Chicken tenderloin with cauliflower couscous, pine nuts, cauliflower purée and alioli 2.290 kr.

23. Lamb tenderloin in licorise-sauce 1.990 kr.

25. Beer glazed fillet of lamb with beer-butterscotch sauce, cauliflower purée and Spanish salsify 2.990 kr.

27. Iberico „secreto” pork with baby potatoes, asparagus and chorizo sauce 2.690 kr.

28. Beef tenderloin bourgunion with mushroom duxelle and bonemarrow-hollandaise 2.990 kr.

29. Fillet of icelandic foal with truffle mashed potatoes and Spanish chorizo sauce 2.790 kr.

30. Kangaroo with chorizo sauce, baby potatoes and grilled asparagus 2.890 kr.

32. Duck breast with jerusalem artichokes, spanish salsify and Icelandic „Malt & Appelsín” sauce 2.690 kr.

33. Smoked puffin with bluberry “brennivín“ sauce 2.790 kr.

Serrano – chorizo

34. Serrano with melon and horseradish 2.290 kr.

35. Serrano with fresh figs and chili honey 2.490 kr.

36. Serrano with manchego and pesto 2.390 kr.

37. Chorizo platter 2.290 kr. Premium quality chorizo from the Spanish company Dehesa Barón De Ley. The chorizo is made from the meat of Iberian pork. Two different types: Iberian acorn-feed chorizo and Salchichón chorizo.

38. Cheese platter 1.990 kr.

Manchego & Goat cheese. Queso Manchego Viejo, the Don Bernardo Manchego cheese has aged for one year and comes straight from the La Mancha region in Spain. The goat cheese is a high quality cheese from France. Served with our chilli jam.