The kitchen is open:

17:00 to 23:30 sundays to thursdays
17:00 to 01:00 fridays and saturdays


Del mar - Tapas from the sea

2. Pan fried giant scallops with celeriac purée, passionfruit foam, crispy bacon, olive sand and truffle snow 2.990 kr.

3. Bacon wrapped scallops and dates with sweet chili sauce 1.990 kr.

4. Octopus with mashed potatos and lime-pistachio vinaigrette 2.790 kr.

6. Salmon with charcoal grilled peppers, crispy potatoes, and sweet red peppers sauce 2.690 kr.

7. Icelandic Arctic Char with candy beets salad, asparagus and elderflower-hollandaise 2.590 kr.

8. Pan-fried blue ling with grilled aspargus and lobster-sauce 2.490 kr.

9. Deep fried lobster Orly 2.990 kr.

10. Lobster tails baked in garlic 2.790 kr.

11. King prawns al ajillo with garlic-chorizo butter sauce 2.890 kr.

12. Minke whale tataki with sesam chili sauce 2.890 kr.

13. Minke Whale with sweet mashed potatoes and malt sauce 2.890 kr.

14. Tuna with avocado purée, chilli-peanut salsa and quinoa crisp 2.890 kr.

Saltfish is delish

15. Saltfish with chorizo in tomato-date chutney 2.790 kr.

16. Pan fried saltfish with sweet mashed potatoes and pesto 2.790 kr.